Thalassemia – Get connected! Share knowledge and experience and fight for a better tomorrow against Thalassemia

Thalassemia basically is a blood disease in which body starts making an abnormal form of hemoglobin. A defect in any chain of hemoglobin molecules causes destruction of red blood cells which causes anemia.

Thalassemia - Get connected! Share knowledge and experience and fight for a better tomorrow in Thalassemia

Thalassemia is also classified into two types.

–> Alpha Thalassemia
–> Beta Thalassemia

Alpha Thalassemia

  • It happens if alpha protein is missing or changed.
  • Major alpha Thalassemia can cause death of unborn baby.

Beta Thalassemia

  • It occurs when similar gene defects production of the beta protein.
  • Major beta Thalassemia are normal at the birth but develop severe anemia during first few years of their life.

Symptoms of Thalassemia.

Persons with the minor form of alpha and beta Thalassemia have small red blood cells. Other symptoms are bone deformities in the face, fatigue, growth failure, yellow skin and shortness of breath.


There are three standard treatments for severe forms of Thalassemia.

1.) Blood Transfusions
2.) Iron Chelation Therapy
3.) Folic Acid Supplements

Blood Transfusions.

Blood transfusion gives you healthy red blood cells with normal hemoglobin but these cells can only live for 120 days, so one may need more blood transfusions after specific time period.

It varies from age to age of a person. As the age of a person increases, the time period of these transfusions goes down. Children till 7 to 8 years of their age need blood transfusion every month. With the age going beyond eight, the risk factor mounts alarmingly, putting the patient into the need of having transfusion twice and sometimes four times a month.

Iron Chelation Therapy.

Blood transfusion may cause lever and heart problems as it leads to buildup of iron in the blood. So to prevent this damage Iron chelation therapy is needed to remove excess iron from the body.

Folic Acid Supplements.

Folic Acid/ B vitamin is also helpful to build healthy red blood cells.

Another Important Cure.

A stem cell transplant is the only treatment that can cure Thalassemia equal to 85% but it is a risky procedure since it is very difficult to find a good donor.

A Solution – Make blood available for the patients wherever and whenever required !!!

Blood Community App.

The Blood Community is a non-profit social movement which is providing a “platform” to those searching for blood and are unable to buy or get a blood donor timely. It enables a blood seeker to easily contact blood donors in their nearby area by a single call or text. Approximately 19000 people have so far joined this social movement
from throughout Pakistan and are helping in saving lives in their specific areas. In case, you are searching for blood donor, then download “Blood Community App” from Google Play and App Store.

Don’t be afraid of Donating life !!!!

Furthermore, Blood donation is a secret to a healthy life, don’t be afraid of donating. It is a life-saving liquid which cannot be manufactured but is transferred from one person to another. It is a gift of life and its utility arises out of medical conditions, injury, road traffic accidents, and child birth related complications.

Let’s share with you some of its benefits:

-> It can help lower your risk of cancer. According to a study conducted by Miller-Keystone Blood Center, regular       donation lowers risks for cancers including liver, lung, colon, stomach, throat, and blood cancers.
-> It protects your heart and reduces the risk of heart attack by 88%.
-> It reduces the risk of being affected by the deadly problem of hemochromatosis.
-> Before the process of every blood donation, a line of health check-ups is performed on the donor for free.
-> It will help the people to amazingly control their weights.

After considering these and much more other benefits of donating blood, one would not stop himself from sharing few drops of his blood with others.

How the application works ????

This application contains data of donors who have willingly registered themselves for blood donation. It will enable a blood seeker to easily contact blood donors in their nearby area by a single call or text. Further, approximately 18,000 people have so far joined this social movement and are helping in saving lives in their areas.
The more people register, the more it would be easy for people in need to access donors in their area timely.

Have a look how this app works.


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