Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

Want to save life of someone undergoing thalassemia treatment? Or of somebody screaming from pains of blood cancer disease? Or want to help someone in emergency? Then Blood donation is the simplest and easiest option to help in the immediate treatment of a Thalassemia patient or become a helping hand for someone going through blood cancer or any emergency situation. More than a community, it is a movement whose sole purpose is to build a human chain that is connected to each other through technological means. They will feel the pain of one another and would respond positively and instantly at time of need.

The blood Community- A solution !!!!

It sounds true when we say that blood Donors are a blessing for a dying soul. The dilemma is that in third world countries the need for blood is so much and supply is so little. In other words, the percentage of donations is alarmingly low. Every minute, someone, somewhere is in dire need of blood for their survival.

Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

To meet the rising demand, The Blood Community App was developed so that blood seekers can easily search and contact donors in their area via single Call/SMS. This mobile app has simplified the whole process of getting donations easily and without involvement of any cost. In Pakistan alone there are over 17000 registered users who are actively taking part in this social cause of saving lives.

Hope of life for Thalassemia patients !!!!

This app is also a ray of hope and life for Thalassemia patients.  Thalassemia is a blood disorder that is inherited and the affected person’s body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Due to this disorder, destruction of red blood cells happen which leads the person to anemia. To cover up the losses, thalassemia patients need a donor on monthly basis. The dilemma is that when Thalassemia-ridden people take birth in poor families. They can neither arrange donors all the time nor purchase it from blood banks.

Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

Moreover, at times societies are not welcoming to these families for their frequent requests for blood.  As a result, parents of thalassemia patients experience unusual depression for the treatment for their kids twice a month. Due to this app, they can now easily access donors in their area without paying any cost.

Hope of life for Blood Cancer patients !!!!

Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

Not only Thalassemia patients, but people with Blood cancer can also take help from this app.  These patients frequently request for blood so that their treatment continues with a consistent flow.  Parents and relatives of these patients experience hurdles and financial constraints to help their loved ones continue breathing. Fortunately, due to blood community mobile application, where a community of thousands has already built, they can easily access donors in their area.

Don’t be afraid of Donating life !!!!

Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

Furthermore, Blood donation is a secret to a healthy life, don’t be afraid of donating. It is a life-saving liquid which cannot be manufactured but is transferred from one person to another. It is a gift of life and its utility arises out of medical conditions, injury, road traffic accidents, and child birth related complications.

Let’s share with you some of its benefits:

  • It can help lower your risk of cancer. According to a study conducted by Miller-Keystone Blood Centre, regular donation lowers risks for cancers including liver, lung, colon, stomach, throat, and blood cancers.
  • It protects your heart and reduces the risk of heart attack by 88%.
  • It reduces the risk of being affected by the deadly problem of hemochromatosis.
  • Before the process of every blood donation, a line of health check-ups is performed on the donor for free.
  • It will help the people to amazingly control their weights.

After considering these and much more other benefits of donating blood, one would not stop himself from sharing few drops of his blood with others.

Save a Life via your Android/iPhone !!!!

Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

Yes! You have read absolutely right. Technology has made human life easy then why not to leverage it for saving someone’s life? The easy way for those in need of blood can reach out donors in their area timely and get blood instantly. It has become possible due to “Blood Community App”. Available for both, android phone users and iPhone users on Google play store and iTunes. You have to simply Download the App for Free, register yourself and start giving life to someone in need.

How the application works ????

Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

This application contains data of donors who have willingly registered themselves for blood donation. It will enable a blood seeker to easily contact blood donors in their nearby area by a single call or text. Further, approximately 18000 people have so far joined this social movement and are helping in saving lives in their areas. The more people register, the more it would be easy for people in need to access donors in their area timely.

How can you help ????

The most important question that must be arising in your minds is that how can you help in strengthening this community of life savers? The easy step for you is to download this app for Free from Google play or iTunes and register yourself as a donor. Whenever anyone would require blood in your area they would contact you via Call/SMS.  This would be one of your biggest contribution towards humanity.

Blood Community- Let’s save life by blood donation

Let’s fulfill our moral duty of helping those in need. Today somebody else is in need, next time it can be you due to some unfortunate or medical condition. The blood community provides you opportunity at your doorstep through your cell phone to participate in this noble cause of saving lives. Don’t miss it, get up give blood and save a life!




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